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Education helps us to acquire knowledge and learn new _____ . 2020-12-10 IELTS Education Vocabulary. Part 1-style questions . Examiner: Are you studying English at a school? Michel: Yes … I’m taking an intensive course at a local private language school … I attend classes three times a week …. Examiner: Would you say you are a good student?

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Sentence – Although I’m not the smartest in my … Vocabulary Skills Tested in the IELTS Exam. Your vocabulary skills are tested in IELTS under the marking criteria “lexical resource”. It assesses your ability to use a range of vocabulary that is relevant to the topic and how appropriate and accurate they are in terms of the specific task. Learn the most useful IELTS "education" vocabulary words and expressions for your speaking, writing, listening, and reading test.

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Visit Manya Education to  Being familiar with academic related vocabulary connected to learning, study and assessment may be helpful for this part of the test. 1.

Vocabulary education ielts

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Install it on your mobile phone and learn words day by day whenever  FREE!! Improve your vocabulary for TOEIC and IELTS Test by using this app. It has both IELTS Academic Word list and General Word list with more 2000 words  IELTS #vocabulary #IELTvocabulay #IELTSTest #IELTSExam.

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Vocabulary education ielts

The IELTS test does test your vocabulary and in fact 25% of the total marks in the Speaking and Writing sections covers vocabulary. While this is a general observation, it is also true that the Listening and Reading sections also test vocabulary.

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Writing Academic reports Learning academic vocabulary Increasing fluency,  Education.